Building community one smile at a time.™

fun + community

We love to have fun. In fact, that's why we got into the events business.  We also love our community. So we decided the best way to combine these two passions was to throw big parties and invite everyone we know. Before long, we learned we were on to something. 

At Chump Change Productions, we and our team of thousands of volunteers are proud to support our community through our many wonderful non-profit partners. We invite you to join us!

Here are a few photos of our team, showing who we are and what we do. Have questions? Please contact us.

Round Chantel 2018 Photos 600x600.png
Round Rebekah Photos 600x600.png

Photography services generously provided by:

Andrew Mathewson,

Eric Briggs

Timothy DeHan, Photos by Tim,

Katie McCall,

Bob Gassen,